Customers may be drawn in by the quirky name, but they return for the hospitality.

That is the goal of The Salted Hippie Boutique in League City, which Dauné Ortiz founded in 2014 with the help of her sister-in-law, Amber Ortiz.

When the Ortizes first started the boutique, it began as a salt soap and scrub vendor, and together they would set up booths at local outdoor markets. Over time, they expanded into clothing.

“It was something we had in common: We both loved clothes,” Dauné said. “So we thought, ‘Why not invest into a few pieces to sell?’”

Within a year, The Salted Hippie grew into a full-fledged boutique with clothes, shoes and accessories. In early 2017, Dauné became the sole owner of the boutique.

The Salted Hippie carries a wide variety of clothing and accessories from popular brands. Dauné carefully curates the selection of clothing the boutique carries seasonally by herself.

“If I don’t think I would wear it, then I won’t have it in the store,” she said.

Dauné aims not only to provide the highest-quality clothing but also the best customer service. It is pertinent every customer at The Salted Hippie feels welcomed, empowered and important, Dauné said.

“I want people to feel at home, and I want to bring joy to people,” she said.

To that end, next to the check-out counter there are barstools and a cushioned couch.

“Stay-at-home moms and older folk come in, and I end up talking with them for hours, so I added the seating for them to feel at home,” Dauné said.

A part of The Salted Hippie’s mission is to help women feel confident in themselves and their bodies. Accordingly, the walls in the dressing rooms are adorned with positive inspirational quotes.

“I want every single person to walk out of our doors with a smile on their face, even if they didn’t purchase anything,” Dauné said. “What matters is that they feel important for the time that they were here.”