Rep. Michael McCaul leads opponents Tawana Cadien and Bill Kelsey in political donations so far this election season, according to the October quarterly campaign finance reports released mid-October.

Every opposed candidate in the Nov. 8 election must file a contributions and expenditures report 30 days before the election. According to the Federal Election Commission, candidates must only file a report after spending or receiving at least $5,000.

Kelsey has not filed with the FEC this election season. Cadien filed her October quarterly report late with the FEC on Oct. 31.

Michael McCaul Michael McCaul[/caption]

This latest round of reports, the first mandated disclosure since this summer, covers all financials from July 1 to Sept. 30, according to the FEC.

Here is how much donation money each candidate has earned and spent for U.S. House Texas District 10 during that timeframe.

McCaul: $257,325.26 contributions, $170,828.67 expenditures
Cadien: $2,910 contributions, $943.86 expenditures

According to the FEC, an individual may donate a maximum of $2,700 per election to a federal candidate or candidate committee and a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year to a PAC, or political action committee. Married couples can each contribute the maximum amount, donating a total of $5,400. A multicandidate PAC may contribute a maximum of $5,000 per election to each candidate or candidate committee, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Donations to and from political parties are also limited.

tawana cadien Tawana Cadien[/caption]

Here are the top six financial supporters for the McCaul campaign:
1. Bert Beveridge and spouse, $5,400
2. The following PACs contributed $5,000:

  • Gulf States Toyota, Inc. PAC

  • John Bolton PAC

  • IDT Corporation PAC

  • Verizon PAC

  • Lockheed Martin Employees PAC

3. Texas Farm Bureau AgFund, $4,810.44
4. National Association of Realtors PAC and Chesapeake Energy Corporation FED-PAC each contributed $4,000.
5. United Airlines, Inc. PAC, $3,000
6. The following individuals and PACs contributed $2,700:

  • Trevor Ahlberg

  • Charles Cheever

  • Harlan Crow

  • Enterprise Products Partners, LLP PAC

  • Genie Energy PAC

  • James Huffines

  • Patty Huffines

  • Debbie Jonas

  • Howard Jonas

  • Janet Jones

  • Mark Lanier

  • Becky Lanier

  • James Lee

  • Steven Massey

  • Robert Parker

  • Wilhelmina Robertson

  • R. Clay Slack

  • Catherine Susser

  • Sam Susser

  • Lisle Whitworth

  • Scott Whitworth

Here is who donated to the Cadien campaign in the last quarter:

1. John Osby, $1,100
2. Congressional Black Caucus, $1,000

Note: The story was updated to reflect Tawana Cadien's campaign finance report, which was filed on Oct. 31.