At first glance, One Glance seems like a high-end jewelry store. However, it also offers do-it-yourself options, including jewelry-making kits, beads and classes in addition to premade jewelry.

Located at 607 S. Friendswood Drive, Ste. 30, Friendswood, One Glance is owned by Holly Gardner.

Gardner makes all of the jewelry, runs the shop and teaches the classes. While this type of schedule could be overwhelming for some, Gardner said the variety is what she loves most about the business.

“I like the fact that every day is something different. Sometimes I do inventory, some days I do bookkeeping, some days I teach classes, some days I clean shop,” Gardner said. “It’s something different every day so I don’t get bored.”

Gardner opened One Glance around 4 1/2 years ago. Before that, Gardner was an elementary school teacher, but she has loved rocks and jewelry since she was a child. Her passion for gems grew after a family trip to Fredericksburg, she said.

“There was a bead store there and I learned, ‘Oh you can wear rocks, and they come sparkly, too.’ It was game over at that point,” Gardner said.

While the interest has been there for years, the knowledge of jewelry comes with experience.

“You have lots of different stones, and you have to know a real one from a fake one,” Gardner said. “So, you have to have vendors that you trust, and I vet my vendors like crazy.”

The business also offers consulting services, where customers can bring in outfits and ask Gardner to pick out jewelry to match.

The business offers over 100 jewelry-making classes with prices ranging from $15 to $100. Jewelry prices range from $5 to a couple hundred dollars.

The business also allows customers to work on jewelry in the classroom for free. Many customers come to work or browse for hours, Gardner said.

“We have a really big community that drives in. It’s kind of a destination place,” Gardner said.