Olympic gold medalist and Spring resident Simone Biles will partner with Houston-based retailer Mattress Firm to promote the company’s programs to support foster children, the company announced this week.

Mattress Firm Foster Kids works with several nonprofits in each of the company’s national markets. In the Houston area, Angel Reach and Child Advocates, Inc. are the program’s local nonprofit partners, said G'Nai Blakemore, public relations manager at Mattress Firm.

Mattress Firm Foster Kids hosts six donation drives throughout the year to collect money and items including pajamas, clothing, school supplies, shoes and toys for foster children.

“I am honored to be able to help shine a light on the needs of foster children nationwide and support Mattress Firm’s Foster Kids program,” Biles said in a news release. “I know what it is like to spend time in and out of the foster care system, and words cannot begin to express how thankful I am that my parents adopted me.”

Biles was adopted by her grandparents.

Biles will post about upcoming local appearances she makes in connection with the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program on social media, Blakemore said.

In addition to hosting donation drives, the program promotes awareness of the need for children to obtain a full night’s sleep.

“Children are children; they need our love, support and help to understand the benefits of sleep and the role it plays in living an active and healthy life,” Biles said.