Jordan’s Sweet Shoppe Greg Witkop (left) and Jordan Blodgett (center) opened Jordan’s Sweet Shoppe in the Creekside Park Village Center.[/caption]

Jordan Blodgett and Greg Witkop opened Jordan’s Sweet Shoppe last February with the hopes of bringing an old-fashioned candy shop to The Woodlands.

Witkop first thought of the idea after wandering into a candy store on the West Coast a decade ago and visiting with the owner.

“I pitched the idea to Jordan, and she fell in love with it,” he said. “We traveled all over the country looking at different stores and asking what worked and what didn’t. We believe in local, homegrown businesses, and we wanted to be the local store where people know the owners.”

Jordan’s Sweet Shoppe opened in the Creekside Park Village Center in February and carries almost 200 bulk items, including 117 available for purchase by the pound, 35 saltwater taffy flavors and 20 to 30 penny candies. Customers can mix and match candies and pay by the pound.

Jordan’s Sweet Shoppe caters to customer requests for hard-to-find candy and will order specific items based on feedback.

“We have very loyal customers who come in because they ask us to stock a certain candy, and we have,” Witkop said. “Everyone should have their candy in here.”

In addition to candy, Jordan’s Sweet Shoppe also offers hand-dipped ice cream, gifts for children and adults, and a variety of truffles—some with an added ingredient.

“The [chocolatier] visits different boutique [liquor] distilleries and incorporates them into the ganache,” Blodgett said. “Those are for grown-ups only because they’re 5 percent alcohol.”

The store also has a section for individuals who have different allergies, featuring candy with no milk, nuts, gluten or soy.

“There are a lot of mothers who come in and pre-shop before they bring in a child with a nut allergy,” Blodgett said. “Some of them have literally cried and hugged me because they can’t normally take their kids to candy shops.”

The couple settled on the name for the shop because of Blodgett’s continued support for the project over the years, Witkop said.

“This has always been my idea, but if it wasn’t for her pushing me it would have never happened,” Witkop said. “It made sense to name it after her because she inspired me to move forward and make it happen.”

26400 Kuykendahl Road, Ste. A130, The Woodlands