Bed, Bath and Biscuit


Devoted pet owners can find peace of mind when leaving their dogs in the care of Bed, Bath & Biscuit in Willis. Pet guests of the boarding, daycare and grooming business use high-end accommodations designed to keep them from being bored while they board.

Owners Dana and Jason Mayfield opened Bed, Bath & Biscuit in 2006 in pursuit of their lifelong goal to work with animals for a living. The business offers boarding, grooming, training and day care services for dogs as well as a limited amount of boarding space for cats.

Manager Dawn Burden said the personalized care provided to each pet has been key to the long-term success Bed, Bath and Biscuit has experienced.

“We love the dogs as if they were our own,” Burden said. “We treat them as our own, we love them as our own. We have dogs that are frightened that we will sit in our offices so they will be happy. They rule. They are the whole reason we are here.”

Up to 175 dogs can board at the business at any given time. Pet owners are given the option between basic kennels comparable to those found at other animal boarding businesses or luxury suites that provide an at-home level of comfort to pets while at the business. All pets are also taken out throughout the day for outdoor playtime.

Kennels can measure up to 8 square feet and feature a bed and regular feeding. Depending on the customer’s requested level of luxury, kennels can also offer an outdoor patio, beds with extra padding and a TV to provide constant noise.

“Those dogs that don’t do well boarding, are a little older or are timid do very well in suites,” Dana said. “[Boarding suites] make it more like home. It is a little more soundproof, and they don’t hear the action going on around them.”

Temperament-tested dogs can frolic in the 2,400-square-foot day care facility where dogs can freely play with other canines in a climate-controlled play room. Dogs are also allowed to play in the day care yard throughout the day. The program caters to pet owners who do not want to leave their pet at home during the day,  but it can also be an added benefit during boarding.

“When [owners]are on their way to work and don’t want to leave their dog at home all day they will bring their dog here to play,” Mayfield said. “I never thought [day care]was going to be as popular as it is. We have 75 dogs in there sometimes. It is a lot of fun, and it is a lot of fun to watch.”

The business also offers dog training and grooming services for visiting and boarded dogs.

Because of previous experience working with animals, Mayfield said she has learned a lot more about working with people than working with dogs over the years.

“People [who]bring their pets to us for care consider them as a part of their family,” Dana said. “I have learned that the best way to work with customers and pets is with honesty, straightforwardness and to treat them like I would treat my dogs. We know your dog, and I love that.”

In addition to owning Bed, Bath & Biscuit, Dana and Jason Mayfield care for animals of their own, including seven dogs and three cats as well as several exotic animals, such as camels, zebras, primates and bears.

Bed, Bath, and Biscuit

Kennel technician Merle Beehe often works with Zoey, a toy springer spaniel. (via Jesse Mendoza)

Bed, Bath, and Biscuit

Sue Love, a fox terrier, has her fur trimmed by groomer Alicia Allen. (via Photo by Jesse Mendoza/Community Impact Newspaper)

This year the couple is diversifying their business by crossing state boundaries and offering a camel-riding service, Camel Discovery, in Paradise Valley near Yellowstone National Park in Montana. Customers can ride camels within the couple’s day camp, and in 2016 visitors will be able to ride the camels throughout the greater Yellowstone area.

“We have camels as a part of our animal plan,” Dana said. “They are the only camels in Montana at this point.”

The camels can not enter national park boundaries yet due to concerns about how wildlife would react to the animals in the wild.

The couple’s camels also participate in local events like the West Conroe Baptist Church nativity, which has featured the couple’s oldest camel, Butter, for about 10 years.

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