A lower minimum toll balance, lower EZ TAG sticker fee and paperless agreement statements are three changes Harris County drivers will notice with their Harris County Toll Road Authority accounts.

What happened

Harris County commissioners approved the agreement changes at a July 18 meeting. The changes are intended to provide more flexibility for new and existing accounts, officials with the agency said in a news release.

  • The minimum prepaid toll balance, or rebill amount, is now $10 for up to two vehicles. Before the changes, the rebill amount was $20.
  • The replenish amount will not automatically update for existing EZ TAG accounts.
  • There are no charges for up to eight new EZ TAG stickers per account. Accounts with more than eight stickers will have to pay $2 per tag.
  • EZ TAG agreements will no longer be mailed to users—strictly email and website.

The details

The minimum toll balances will be the following, per account:

  • One to two vehicles, $5 balance
  • Three to four vehicles, $10 balance
  • Five to six vehicles, $15 balance
  • Seven to eight vehicles, $20 balance