Bellaire business owners along the 5100-5200 blocks of Cedar and Spruce streets are one step closer to potentially adding speed humps along the streets next to their storefronts.

On April 17, City Council approved for the first public hearing on the matter to be held May 15 at 6 p.m. at City Hall. It is the first out of two hearings as part of the lengthy process within the city’s Neighborhood Traffic Improvement Program.

What is the neighborhood Traffic Improvement Program? On April 15, 1996, Bellaire City Council adopted the program to establish procedures surrounding the review, approval, financing and construction of projects that minimize or eliminate traffic congestion, cut-through traffic and other traffic related problems in the area.

The program requires a petition from 80% of property owners in the area in order for it to be considered. It also requires that the property owners to pay for the final fee for construction if accepted and approved by council.

Business owner Cindy Wolf Meadow owns the children’s swim school located at 5230 Cedar St. and said in her petition to city leaders that her and other kid-related businesses are “scared for the safety of clients and staff.”

“We have attempted to put signs up, noting children in the area, and the signs have been run over on numerous occasions,” Meadow said in the petition.

Speed humps, according to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, are intended to slow traffic speeds on low-volume, low-speed roads. Speed humps can reduce speeds to 15-20 mph, and are less aggressive traffic calming options versus speed bumps.

What are the next steps?

  • After the May 15 first public hearing, City Council will consider whether the project is approved or not.
  • If approved, the area will be tested with a temporary traffic device for no less than six months.
  • If not approved, the applicant cannot file a new request for two years.
  • After the six-month trial, a second public hearing is held, which follows the same procedures, approval or disapproval, temporary traffic device for no less than six months.
  • After the second public hearing, the item will be up for vote at a future City Council meeting.

To attend the first public hearing:

May 15

6 p.m.

Council Chamber

First Floor

City Hall

7008 South Rice Ave.