The median price of homes sold was up in three of five local ZIP codes when comparing data from May 2024 and May 2023 in the Bellaire, Meyerland and West University areas.

The 77005, 77096 and 77401 ZIP codes all saw prices trending upward when comparing the two months, while 77025 and 77030 saw drops.

All five ZIP codes had median sale prices in May 2024 that were higher than $450,000.

Data was provided to Community Impact by Alina Rogers with Sparrow Realty.
Meanwhile, the average number of days a home spends on the market before selling was down in all five local ZIP codes, falling as low as 13 days in the 77005 ZIP code, where homes are also the most expensive. By contrast, homes sold after an average of 69 days in the 77401 ZIP code in May.
Total home sales were up in four of five local ZIP codes when comparing May 2024 with May 2023, falling slightly in the 77005 ZIP code. The 77096 ZIP code, which covers Meyerland and surrounding areas, saw the most total sales in both May 2024 and May 2023, with 77005 and 77025 ZIP codes not far behind.
Around 43% of the 126 total homes sold across all five ZIP codes were sold for more than $1 million in May 2024. In April, just under 50% of the total homes sold fell into that price range.