The number of COVID-19 daily average hospitalizations at Texas Medical Center remains similar compared to what was seen a week ago, but the number of patients in intensive care units continues to rise.

On Aug. 30, the medical center reported that 637 ICU coronavirus patients were being housed in its hospitals, which span over several counties in Greater Houston, up over 7% compared to a week prior when 594 of those patients were reported, according to the medical center’s data dashboard.

Out of the 2,708 COVID-19 patients now hospitalized in TMC hospitals, ICU patients represent almost 24%.

The TMC is reporting that the number of coronavirus patients its member hospitals have seen in the last two weeks represents the highest numbers ever of COVID-19 patients at TMC hospitals.

This comes as the average number of new COVID-19 hospitalizations seen on any day during the week of Aug. 23-29 was 388, at parity with the 390 coronavirus patients hospital systems were admitting every day on average the week prior.

During that same period, the seven-day average COVID-19 testing positivity rate was 14.9%. That remains even with the previous week—15%—but higher compared to a month ago when 11.5% of visiting patients were testing positive for the coronavirus.

The continued surge being felt at TMC hospitals comes as almost 72% of eligible residents in Harris County have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to Aug. 30 Harris County Public Health data.

Though the TMC does not publish its own coronavirus age and demographic data, Harris County Public Health and the Houston Health Department do in a data hub.

According to this data, residents ages 0-19 represented 23.3% of all weekly cases, the two health agencies reported Aug. 2. By Aug. 23, that weekly percentage increased to 29.1%.