Rice University asked a small group of its employees and students to self-quarantine after fearing that a university employee may have been exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus while overseas.

The university says although the country the employee visited is not on the CDC restricted travel list, they wanted to be cautious.

"The university is taking all necessary precautionary steps and working closely with and at the guidance of Harris County Public Health," the release said.

The Houston Health Department released a statement Sunday saying there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Houston or Harris County. The department is still conducting an investigation about the person at Rice University feared of being exposed to the disease.

University officials said they are not planning to suspend any campus operations, events or classes.

Any student, faculty or staff member who travels for personal reasons to any country on the CDC's level 2 and level 3 warning list, must self-isolate and stay away from campus for two weeks after returning to the U.S., according to campus officials.