The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season officially began June 1, and the city of Bellaire is helping residents prepare for what is expected to be an above-average season.

What you need to know

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released its 2024 Atlantic hurricane season predictions May 23. According to the report, the outlook for the season, which spans from June 1-Nov. 30, includes an 85% chance of seeing an above-normal season.

The NOAA is forecasting a range of 17-25 total named storms. Of those, 8-13 are forecast to become hurricanes, including 4-7 major hurricanes.

  • Named storms include winds of 39 mph or higher.
  • Storms are classified as hurricanes if winds reach 74 mph or higher.
  • Major hurricanes, which include a category 3, 4 or 5 distinction, are classified with winds of 111 mph or higher.

According to the NOAA, forecasters have a 70% confidence in these ranges.

Staying prepared

Bellaire officials, along with several other cities in the Houston region, are preparing residents for the active season. City officials held a Hurricane Preparedness Community Meeting June 4 to share insight on how residents can prepare for hurricane season and what actions to take after a storm hits.

Before the storm

  • Develop an evacuation plan.
  • Assemble disaster supplies, including food, water, batteries, chargers, a radio and cash.
  • Get an insurance checkup and document all possessions.
  • Create a communication plan with a handwritten list of contacts, in case of a loss in communication systems.
  • Strengthen your home.

After the storm

  • Stay safe: Leave power off, inspect your home from afar and watch for dangerous debris.
  • Stay healthy by throwing out any food left for more than one week in a nonworking refrigerator.
  • Hurricane cleanup: Take pictures of all damage, wear gloves for protection and stay tuned to city communication lines for information on resources.

What residents should know

In the event of a hurricane, Bellaire residents can check for updates through several modes of communication from the city.

If communications are down, residents are asked to check posting of information on city facilities or watch for door-to-door communications as needed.

Residents can also reach out to the Emergency Management Number at 713-662-8206 for nonemergency incidents or follow the National Hurricane Center at