More than 30 projects across Precinct 4 are slated to move forward after Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones announced a $170 million investment in sustainable infrastructure projects, including connecting two of Houston’s popular parks.

“High-quality infrastructure is critical to our quality of life and safety, and is at the heart of thriving communities,” Briones said in a news release. “I am committed to getting more done for the people of Harris County by being proactive about collaboration. Through these strategic partnerships, we will be able to deliver more—and better—projects across Precinct 4, and this collaboration will help us build a brighter, more resilient future for our children.”

Through the precinct’s initiative, titled Places 4 People, the projects will improve access to parks, alleviate flooding, close connectivity gaps and increase public safety, according to a news release. One of the selected projects, titled the Buffalo Bayou Greenway Connector project, is a $13.5 million investment that will connect Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou Parks.

Quote of note

“This exciting investment from the Places 4 People Initiative will bridge essential gaps in the Bayou Greenways system and improve accessibility and community connections for thousands,” said Beth White, president and CEO of Houston Parks Board. “In partnership with the 50/50 Park Partners initiative, the neighborhood parks of Tanglewilde, Braeburn Glen and Briarbend—which are already under construction—have been selected for enhancements based on equity metrics and physical needs. We are honored to work with Commissioner Briones to create more equitable communities in our county.”

Officials from Precinct 4 officials and various local organizations have selected 32 projects thus far that will be funded, with 26 of the 32 projects in areas with medium to high socioeconomic vulnerability, according to the news release. Projects include:

  • Approximately 200 METRO bus shelters
  • 14 trail connection projects
  • Eight street intersection and sidewalk projects
  • Six roadway drainage projects
  • Eight Brays Bayou under-crossings
  • Three community parks
  • Two SPARK parks, which are school playground community parks
  • One pedestrian promenade

Also of note

On Aug. 8, Harris County commissioners approved the establishment of a Precinct 4-specific nonprofit that aims to advance the quality of residents.

  • Precinct4Foward and its members are tasked with goals that include enhancing parks, developing resilient infrastructure, improving public safety and expanding economic opportunity.

Get involved

Precinct 4 officials are seeking input on other project initiatives in order to partner with local organizations on infrastructure improvements. More details on upcoming projects and how to submit project requests are listed on this website: Precinct 4 infrastructure projects.