Harris County commissioners are less than two weeks away from approving the county’s proposed fiscal year 2023-24 budget and tax rate. Here's what Harris County property owners should know.

Officials with the Harris County Office of Management and Budget have proposed a total property tax rate of $0.52664 per $100 valuation, a 0.74% decrease from the previous year’s rate of $0.53058. The corresponding tax rate for FY 2023-24 would be the sixth year the combined tax rate was reduced, according to a news release.

  • The final budget and tax rate corrections will be addressed and up for vote at the Sept. 19 Commissioners Court meeting.
  • Oct. 1 is when the adopted budget will go into effect, lasting until Sept. 30, 2024.

What else?

Harris County homeowners in 2022 and 2023 saw the largest year-over-year increases on their homes' market values in the past decade, according to Harris Central Appraisal District officials. The average homeowner saw 23.3% and 17.3% market value increases in 2022 and 2023, respectively, following 8.9% and 10.4% increases in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Harris County commissioners voted to increase the homestead exemption in May for seniors and disabled homeowners to $275,000 from $250,000.

  • The savings for qualified persons will average $130 per year, according to HCAD documents.
  • Homeowners will need to apply to receive the homestead exemption.

Zooming out

In July, Texas lawmakers passed a sweeping plan to cut property taxes on the average home by over $1,200 per year. The $18 billion package includes two bills—Senate Bills 2 and 3—and a constitutional amendment.

  • For tax rates to show up on the 2023 tax bill, Texans must approve the constitutional amendment Proposition 4 in November.
Also of note

No formal announcement has been made about the exact return date of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who has been on medical leave since Aug. 7. Her medical team anticipated her return by early September.
  • With Hidalgo's absence, Commissioners Court will still continue to rule with majority vote, Communications Director Brandon Marshall said. If the vote comes down to a 2-2 vote, the agenda item will not pass, he said.
  • The proposed budget will generate an estimated $1.93 billion in tax revenues and $462 million in nontax revenue for a total revenue from all sources equaling $2.4 billion.

Hannah Norton and Danica Lloyd contributed to this report.