The city of Bellaire will adopt a strategic plan in the 2023-24 fiscal year to outline the Bellaire City Council’s priorities and goals, City Manager Sharon Citino said.

Citino said the plan will also identify the activities the council will complete to meet its goals.

“We can then move into the budget planning process with confidence that we’re allocating our resources to deliver on City Council’s priorities and goals,” Citino said.

As part of the comprehensive planning process, in the first quarter of 2023, the city will hire a consultant to assist with updating the city’s land use plan and comprehensive plan, Citino said. That work will continue throughout 2023, she said.

Since mid-August, Bellaire has hired more staff to fill holes—including new directors for the city’s human resources, development services and information technology departments—decreasing the vacancy rate from 17% to 11%.

In 2023, the city will complete a staffing study and a compensation study to help ensure the city is properly staffed and employees are appropriately compensated, Citino said.