Bellaire City Council unanimously approved additional items during the consent agenda portion of its Sept. 21 meeting, including reappointing a deputy assistant attorney and adopting an emergency management plan.

Gore reappointed as deputy assistant city attorney

With his term set to end Sept. 30, Bellaire City Council approved reappointment of Deputy Assistant City Attorney/Prosecutor Christopher Gore for another two-year term, set to begin Oct. 1.

Gore partners with fellow deputy E. Stanley Topek to assist Bellaire assistant city attorney Robert Richter, Jr. and step in when the prosecutor is absent.

Gore has served as deputy prosecutor in the Bellaire Municipal Court since Oct. 1, 2012, according to agenda documents.

Integrated Emergency Management Plan

Bellaire City Council approved adoption of Harris County’s 2020 Basic Plan of the Integrated Emergency Management Plan.

The plan provides a framework for municipalities by laying out general guidance for emergency management activities and an overview of utilized methods, according to agenda documents.

Bellaire has renewed approval of Harris County’s plan several times since it was first adopted Nov. 16, 2009, allowing Bellaire to work side by side with Harris County in developing its emergency management plan; before that adoption, the city wrote its own plans.