Members of the West University Place City Council went over a final report and recommendations of the city’s Sustainability Task Force at a June 27 meeting.

Formed in late 2021, the task force was given the role of finding ways to make West University Place and its residents more environmentally conscious.

The sustainability report outlines ways the city can encourage residents to become more involved through educational events, information booths, car-free festivals and “friendly competitions” with other neighborhoods to increase individual energy, water and waste conservation efforts.

Sustainability Task Force Chair Justin Schultz outlined 11 initiatives most readily achievable by the city:

  • Increase energy efficiency and conservation to reduce municipal consumption

  • Increase renewable energy sources

  • Establish more progressive water pricing, charging residents more for heavy use of water systems

  • Encourage automatic rather than manual irrigation systems to reduce municipal and residential water use

  • Recycle at least 40% of construction and demolition waste.

  • Reduce waste sent to landfills through composting and a curbside food waste pilot

  • Improve household hazardous waste diversion

  • Evaluate whether or not to reestablish Recycle Express

  • Replace the city's non-emergency vehicle fleet with electric vehicles

  • Replace landscaping equipment with battery-powered appliances

  • Grow more native plants in public spaces and parks

“We should try to help people through incentives and through education,” Schultz said during a presentation.

The Council did not take any action on the recommendations at the meeting.