More than 25 Houston ISD schools will be subject to extensive reform beginning in the 2024-25 school year following an announcement from Superintendent Mike Miles that the schools were added to the district’s list of New Education System campuses.

The overview

According to a Jan. 23 news release, 26 schools were added to the district’s list of NES campuses, bringing the total to 111 campuses from the 2024-25 school year.

Additionally, 24 more campuses will have the option to apply to become NES campuses for the 2024-25 school year.

Previously, district officials used official Texas Education Agency accountability ratings to determine which campuses would be eligible for the program. However, the TEA did not release official accountability ratings for the 2022-23 school year due to pending litigation.

Miles noted the district used TEA data requested within the last month to assign the campus ratings that would be used to determine NES eligibility.

“The ratings and letter grades released today are based on data from the 2022-23 school year,” Miles said in the Jan. 23 release. “Preliminary data from our mid-year exams this year indicate that achievement is improving. Additionally, the data from mid-year exams indicate that NES and NES-aligned campuses experienced higher academic growth than our non-NES campuses.”

A closer look

HISD officials launched the district’s NES program at 85 campuses at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year following the TEA's announcement that the state would take over the district in June.

Among the changes implemented at NES campuses include centralized schedules with longer school days as well as district-approve classroom instruction and lessons. Additionally, teachers at NES campuses are offered a range of resources aimed at assisting them in the classroom, including regular coaching, teacher apprentices and additional staff that handle a variety of tasks outside the classroom.

According to the news release, the following campuses will be designated as NES schools beginning in the 2024-25 school year based on the district’s ratings:
  • Almeda Elementary School, 64, D
  • Crockett Elementary School, 63, D
  • Golfcrest Elementary School, 64, D
  • Northside High School, 63, D
  • Peck Elementary School, 60, D
  • Westbury High School, 64, D
  • Anderson Elementary School, 56, F
  • Askew Elementary School, 54, F
  • Browning Elementary School, 59, F
  • Clifton Middle School, 57, F
  • Codwell Elementary School, 51, F
  • Fonville Middle School, 55, F
  • Gregory-Lincoln PK-8, 59, F
  • Grissom Elementary School, 59, F
  • Kelso Elementary School, 58, F
  • Longfellow Elementary School, 59, F
  • Milne Elementary School, 47, F
  • Mitchell Elementary School, 55, F
  • Ortiz Middle School, 59, F
  • Sharpstown High School, 50, F
  • Stevens Elementary School, 54, F
  • Thomas Middle School, 56, F
  • Walnut Bend Elementary School, 58, F
  • Welch Middle School, 59, F
  • Wesley Elementary School, 45, F
  • Woodson Leadership Academy, 57, F
Based on the district’s campus ratings, the following campuses will be eligible to apply for NES status:
  • Austin High School, 66, D
  • Bell Elementary School, 66, D
  • Braeburn Elementary School, 69, D
  • Deady Middle School, 69, D
  • Emerson Elementary School, 68, D
  • Foerster Elementary School, 69, D
  • Frost Elementary School, 69, D
  • Gross Elementary School, 65, D
  • Hines Caldwell Elementary School, 66, D
  • Jefferson Elementary School, 69, D
  • Ketelsen Elementary School, 69, D
  • Love Elementary School, 66, D
  • Marshall Middle School, 69, D
  • Montgomery Elementary School, 69, D
  • Navarro Middle School, 66, D
  • Neff Elementary School, 67, D
  • Petersen Elementary School, 66, D
  • Reynolds Elementary School, 67, D
  • Ross Elementary School, 68, D
  • Sanchez Elementary School, 69, D
  • Shearn Elementary School, 66, D
  • Southmayd Elementary School, 68, D
  • Tinsley Elementary School, 68, D
  • Valley West Elementary School, 69, D
In addition to the expanded resources, teachers and staff members at NES campuses receive a higher base salary than teachers at non-NES schools.

On average starting salaries for non-NES campus teachers start at $64,000. For NES campuses, salaries for elementary teachers start at $75,435, salaries for middle school teachers start at $80,059, and salaries for high school teachers start at $82,816.

What’s next

HISD officials said the principals of the 24 schools eligible for NES designation will gather input from staff, families and community members and will have until Feb. 7 to decide whether the school is interested in being considered for the designation.

District officials are projecting up to 14 additional campuses will be added the district list of NES campuses in the coming school year. Selections will be made by Feb. 9.