Houston ISD board managers approved the appointments of board officers during the district’s Jan. 18 meeting.

The overview

Managers voted unanimously to keep the board’s slate of officers in place, leaving Audrey Momanaee as president, Ric Campo as vice president and Angela Lemond Flowers as secretary.

In March, Texas Education Agency officials formally announced the state would take over HISD’s board of trustees, citing unacceptable academic outcomes at Wheatley High School, the continued appointment of a conservator in the district and a 2019 investigation into the district's special education programming.

Momanaee, Campo and Lemond Flowers were each nominated for their respective positions in June after being appointed to the board by TEA officials the same month.

What's next

HISD officials said Momanaee, Campo and Lemond Flowers will serve in their positions until January 2025, when the board managers are next scheduled to vote on a new slate of officers.