Tipsy Treats is an elevated adult beverage concierge service that sells on-the-go, premium-crafted signature cocktails for adults age 21 years and older. Cocktails come in a large variety of flavors, such as mango, lemon drop, hibiscus margarita, pineapple side car and chocolate old fashion.

The business concept also includes scratch-made, Southern-fare food options that include offerings like smothered chicken, short ribs, smoked turkey, salmon dip, crawfish boudin, red beans and rice.

“I like to tell people to imagine if Baskin Robbins and Margaritaville had a baby, they’d be on point to describe Tipsy Treats,” Tipsy Treats founder Sherrel Lemon said. “We have an amazing variety of premium cocktails in the kind of fun, boozy tropical flavors adults love to just grab-and-go at the new store or order online for weekend parties, get-togethers or events."