When it comes to how dumpsters are operated within the city of Bellaire, a handful of new regulations will be underway. City staff and leaders said they discovered the limitations of the city’s current ordinances and were seeking ways to strengthen enforcement.

“I think our staff, to our credit, over the past several months, really made an effort to be responsive to residents when they call in with these concerns, and they have discovered the limitations of our ordinances,” Mayor Andrew Friedberg said. “It’s not that we’re not trying; it’s that we keep running against this roadblock. So we’re trying to remove some of those to get to the enforceability.”

The details: City Council voted unanimously on the item May 15 that amends a current ordinance on the city's dumpsters. Adjustments include changes to service hours among other items.

  • Dumpster servicing hours will be 8 a.m.-7 p.m., rather than 7 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Warning signs will be required at the opening of dumpsters for greater visibility.
  • Dumpsters shall have lids and lids shall remain closed at all times except when they are being loaded or unloaded.

What you need to know: Bellaire residents and business owners will be in a transition period, possibly two to three weeks, before compliance to the new regulations must be met, City Attorney Alan Petrov said. The timeline will follow:

  • Texas law requires that for any ordinance that carries a fine, it cannot be enforced until the new ordinance language has been published in a newspaper.
  • After it is published in a newspaper, a 10-day period run will take place.
  • After the 10-day period, city officials must be consistent and treat everyone the same, as if an internal policy that everyone is entitled to for that period.

Development Services Director Travis Tanner said that the city is going to work with those involved. A communication plan to stakeholders is being considered, officials said.

“We’re going to have to work with people to give them time,” Tanner said. “We’re going to try to reach out to all the establishments."

Quote of note: “I don’t want to make it hard to run a business in Bellaire. But the flip side is, this isn’t hard on the businesses that are in Bellaire; it’s hard on the people coming to pick up and deliver dumpsters,” Council Member Nathan Wesely said.

What’s next: Residents and business leaders are invited to attend a public town hall meeting on Bellaire's noise and lighting ordinances.

Tuesday, June 6

Bellaire City Hall

7008 S. Rice Ave.

6 p.m.