Westpark Recycling Center no longer accepting recycling from West University residents


Westpark Recycling Center will no longer accept any recycling materials from West University Place residents according to a statement released by the City of West University on June 5.

West University Place Interim Public Works Director Gerardo Barrera said the curbside pickup for recycling in West University will not be affected and is still on schedule, and that Westpark will still accept recycling from City of Houston residents.

“They used to allow non-Houston residents to use this facility for household recycling and some other items that we do not collect curbside,” Barrera said. “While the convenience of using the Westpark facility is no longer available, this has no effect on West U’s collection of recyclables curbside.”

Barrera said that some West University residents would go to Westpark to drop off materials that West University’s services didn’t collect, like Styrofoam, CFL lightbulbs and certain electronics.

The changes coming to the Westpark Recycling Center are happening amid continually increasing costs for the processing and disposal of recyclable materials, which has resulted in dramatic changes in recycling programs around the U.S., according to the statement.

West University City staff will work with the city’s Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Board to find nearby alternatives for West University residents to dispose of their recycled materials.

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