Ion, the innovation hub in Midtown Houston, is now 86% leased.

  • The 266,000-square-foot building is welcoming companies ranging from industries in energy, education, health care technology to venture capital, officials from the Ion announced.

The companies joining or expanding at the Ion include:

  • Carbon Clean, a global startup focused on capturing harmful factory emissions that opened its new Houston headquarters in March;
  • Cognite, a Norwegian software company for asset-heavy industries that turns industrial data into customer value;
  • OpenStax, a division of Rice University, is a nonprofit publisher of free, open education resources for high schools and colleges. Their services also reach more than 200,000 students in the greater Houston region, according to the organization;
  • Synopic, a startup building the next generation of depth-enabled cameras to improve visualization and decision making during medical procedures;
  • Motif Neurotech, a medical equipment manufacturing startup working to develop minimally invasive electronic solutions for mental health;
  • RedSwan CRE, a crowdfunding-style investment platform and marketplace, particularly in the commercial real estate sector;
  • Nauticus Robotics, a company that puts protecting the world’s ocean at the forefront. According to the company’s website, they have created a highly sophisticated, ultra sustainable fleet of marine robotics and created the software to power the marine robots;
  • Rice University’s Office of Innovation is part of Rice’s newly formed, universitywide organization that is designed to commercialize more Rice-developed research and technology. The organization is located at the Ion to be “close to tech-forward organizations that can utilize” their research and technology, building officials stated;
  • Rice’s Nexus Lab is under construction and designed for prototyping and scaling-up technologies; and
  • Ara Partners is a Houston-based, global private equity firm focused on investing in carbon decentralization technology. The company moved into the building in 2022 but are expanding its space to meet the demands of its growing organization, building officials said.

Quote of note: “By continuing to fill our space with new innovators across all these different offerings, from all around the globe, we’ve become the home for collisions that will create solutions to the biggest problems facing our world today,” Ion Executive Jan E. Odegard said.