The display case at the front counter of Three Dog Bakery is filled with a variety of creatively designed and named cookies and cakes, though none of them are meant for people to eat.

A little over a year since opening in Houston, the Rice Village store has provided fresh, made-from-scratch treat options for dog owners to give to their pets, with all of the treats available being made with all-natural, dog-friendly ingredients.

“Part of what makes this place special is the experience. It’s not just about coming in and buying your dog a treat off the shelf,” co-owner Carin Giga said. “You can smell them baking in the oven; you can see us working with mixers and pouring. Everything is made here right from scratch.”

Three Dog Bakery offers 40-50 different varieties of treats on any given day, and free samples are given to all of the dogs that come into the store to see what they like best, with seasonal varieties being made at different times of the year. Co-owner Sara Saber said she likes it when dogs can decide for themselves what they want.

“[The dogs] will show preferences if given an option,” Saber said. “The whole concept is keeping everything all natural, really understanding the dogs’ dietary needs and making sure we’re meeting them with everything we have in the bakery—the food, the chews and our packaged treats.”

Along with fresh-baked goods, Three Dog Bakery also sells dog food, a variety of chews and dog toys and accessories.

Giga and Saber, who are dog owners themselves, said one of their favorite parts of running Three Dog is getting to know all of the customers and their dogs who come in to shop for treats and toys.

“We have become part of so many local residents’ daily routines,” Giga said. “They’ll stop in, and we know the dogs and their parents’ names, and that’s the really fun part of it. ... It’s a personal experience and one that we take very seriously. We really want to be a part of this community.”

Three Dog Bakery

2402 Rice Blvd., Houston


Hours: Mon.-Thu. 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 9 a.m.-7 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.