League City Parkway is being extended and, once construction wraps up in July, will have near direct access to FM 528.

What you need to know

As part of work on the new Legacy subdivision from Hillwood Communities on the west side of the city, the company is carrying out several infrastructure projects in the area. One of them, the extension and expansion of part of League City Parkway, began in January and should wrap up in July, Hillwood Community Vice President Brian Gates said.

The work will see League City Parkway extended beyond its boundary near Cones Lane and connect to Friendswood Lakes Boulevard, Gates said. The stretch in question is about one-third of a mile.

Gates said the extension could in some cases shave off 10-15 minutes of commute time for those needing to get from League City Parkway to FM 528 but have to go around to get there.

What else?

The project is happening in two parts, Gates said. The first is the extension of League City Parkway. However, work on a separate part of League City Parkway is going on simultaneously.

The section of road between Maple Leaf Drive and Misty Trails Lane, which runs about three-fourths of a mile, is two lanes total, while the rest of the road around it is four, city documents show. The second part of the project calls for widening that section to four lanes as well, Gates said.

Despite a gas line needing to be moved, Gates said they expect work on the section to wrap up around the same time as the other part of the project. Work to move the gas line, owned by CenterPoint Energy, was expected to start in mid-June.

How we got here

The work will open up and connect the area where Hillwood is building out is Legacy subdivision, Gates said. Talks surrounding the project date back to 2021, and the company purchased the roughly 800 acres of space in 2022, Gates said. The subdivision broke ground in March, according to a press release from the city.

The expanded part of League City Parkway will be “the front door” to the new neighborhood, Gates said. But it will also open up a section of road for the community as a whole.

The cost for the extension is $2 million, while the cost for the widening is $1.5 million, Gates said. None of it is coming from League City and is all being covered by private funds.

What’s next?

Other projects are coming as part of the development as well, Gates said. West Boulevard, which intersects with Friendswood Lakes Boulevard, will also be expanded at some point in the future. However, work on that may not be done for another year or more.