Residents traveling through the Hwy. 3 and FM 518 intersection could see disruptions as League City is planning work on the area potentially later this year.

In a nutshell

Officials are looking to both add and modify several lanes at the intersection to improve traffic in the area, according to League City’s website.

According to the city’s website, the work planned for the intersection includes:
  • About 400 additional linear feet will be added to the existing left-turn lane on northbound Hwy. 3.
  • Another 180 linear feet will be added to the existing left-turn lane on eastbound FM 518.
  • Another lane at the intersection will be converted into a second left-turn lane.
  • A new right-turn lane onto northbound Hwy. 3 will be added.
  • An additional 110 linear feet will be added to the left-turn lane on westbound FM 518.
  • A lane acting as both a through lane and right-turn lane on westbound FM 518 will be converted to a 460-linear-foot right-turn lane.
The latest estimate for the project shows it’s expected to come in at $1.9 million, project manager Scott Tuma said in an email. That money will come out of the city’s general funds within its capital improvement program.

The impact

Work is expected to begin by the end of the year or in early 2025, depending on the timeline of both the bids and League City City Council's approval of said bids, Tuma said in an email.

It’s expected the work will take about a year, but that will also depend on what the final bids come back with, he said.

When work does start, motorists can expect lane closures, mainly when workers are constructing the new right-turn lanes, Tuma said in an email.

According to the city’s website, areas and streets impacted include:
  • The FM 518 and Hwy. 3 intersection
  • Dallas Street
  • Magnolia Street
  • League Street
  • Houston Avenue
  • East and West Galveston Street
  • The 2nd Street and Hwy. 3 intersection
“The schedule will be dictated by the contractor,” he said in an email. “The city and our consultant will work with the contractor to minimize impacts.”

What else?

The project has been one in the works for a while, with the initial schedule calling for construction to begin at the beginning of 2021, according to the city’s website. That was pushed back due to the city needing to acquire land in the area, Tuma said in an email.