League City added a fifth ambulance to its fleet, increasing the city’s capacity to respond to emergencies during peak times.

The overview

Until now, League City has had four ambulances running 24/7. Earlier in August, the city welcomed a fifth, which will serve during the 14 busiest hours of each day.

“It’s a big day for EMS. ... It’s an additional ambulance—additional staff,” City Manager John Baumgartner said in a video.

Also of note

Volunteer firefighters, emergency medical services staff and residents took part in a “push-in” ceremony earlier this month to commemorate the new ambulance.

The ceremony is traditional, dating back to the 1800s, when horse-drawn fire “trucks” had to be pushed back into the fire station after responding to a call, League City fire Chief Mike Lugo said in the video.

“So it’s keeping that tradition alive, even to today’s times,” he said.