With no discussion, League City City Council on Jan. 26 increased the speed limits on two stretches of road.

Previously, the speed limit on Ervin Avenue between Calder and Hobbs roads, a 0.61-mile stretch, was 30 mph, but with council’s action, it is now 40 mph. From Jan. 6-11, city staff studied the traffic on this road and found 85% of vehicles traveled at or below 48 mph, according to city documents.

Ervin is a minor arterial road within the city’s Master Mobility Plan. According to city ordinances, minor arterial roads are to be set at 40 mph. Engineering staff determined the 30 mph speed limit to be “artificially low” and recommended increasing it.

Additionally, Park’s speed limit from Main Street to Third Street has been increased from 5 mph to 20 mph. Staff studied traffic from Nov. 9-17 and found 85% of vehicles traveled at or below 21 mph northbound and 19 mph southbound.

According to the city’s Master Mobility Plan, Park is a local road, which should have a speed limit of 30 mph in accordance with city ordinance. Engineers were unable to determine why the 0.14-mile stretch of road was set at 5 mph and assumed it was due to the road’s narrow lanes and proximity to League Park.