With all 12 Galveston County voting centers reporting, it appears John P. Bowen and Justin A. Hicks will be the next League City City Council members.

Bowen, who ran for Position 4, received 58.8% of the vote with 3,256 votes total. His opponent, Rachel McAdam, received 41.2% of the votes, or 2,283 votes.

In the Nov. 3 election, McAdam got 48.7% of the votes, and Bowen received 27.8%

Hicks, who ran for Position 5, received 56.6% of the votes, or 3,084 votes total. Wes Chorn, Hicks' opponent, received 43.4%, or 2,364.

Hicks received 38.7% of the votes Nov. 3, while Chorn got 32.9%.

In a Q&A with Community Impact Newspaper, Bowen said he is good at identifying opportunities and problems and working with stakeholders to deliver the best solutions. Hicks said he is a problem solver with the ability to think outside the box and reach solutions with even difficult people.