Galveston County reported a record-low number of new cases of COVID-19 on Sept. 14.

The county reported only eight new cases Sept. 14. The last time the county saw the number of new cases in a single day that low during the pandemic was May 29, when the county reported seven new cases.

A total of 36 new cases were reported Sept. 15, 13 on Sept. 13, 31 on Sept. 12 and 72 on Sept. 11.

A total of 108 cases were reported Sept. 8. That was the first time since Aug. 18 that daily new cases in the county has surpassed 100.

Daily new cases are now a fraction of what they were mid-June through July when over 100 new cases were reported daily.

Four people were reported to have died from COVID-19 on Sept. 11. Another 27—the highest daily total for the county—were reported dead Sept. 8.

In total, the county has seen 11,337 cases. Of those, 165 have died, 1,934 are active, and 9,265 have recovered. Of the active cases, 89 are hospitalized, and 1,845 are self-quarantined.

The positivity rate for the county was 5% Aug. 30-Sept. 5; 265 new cases were reported out of the 5,379 tested.

The positive rate June 14-July 11 was 11%-12% before dropping to 9% from mid-July through Aug. 1.