As of Aug. 3, the number of coronavirus cases Galveston County has seen has reached 8,999, but the number of new daily cases is trending down.

From late June to mid-July, the county was seeing between 100-300 new cases a day. Since July 19, the number of new daily cases has ranged from about 100 to about 180.

Over the past week, Galveston County saw 794 new cases. That includes 45 new cases Aug. 2, which is the smallest number of new cases the county has seen since 18 cases were reported June 14.

Despite the massive spike in cases, deaths did not spike to the same degree.

Since the beginning of June, 36 residents have died from the coronavirus. From the beginning of the pandemic through May, 37 died for a total of 73 deaths, which means over half of COVID-19 deaths happened when the number of daily new cases were a fraction of what they are today.

Of the 8,999 cases, 5,387 are active, but 86 of those are hospitalized. A total of 3,539 have recovered, including 88 residents who had been hospitalized.