World Famous Daiquiris & Margaritas To Go serves refreshing alcoholic drinks

Matthew Jones opened the business in June 2019. (Sierra Rozen/Community Impact Newspaper)
Matthew Jones opened the business in June 2019. (Sierra Rozen/Community Impact Newspaper)

Matthew Jones opened the business in June 2019. (Sierra Rozen/Community Impact Newspaper)

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The menu features multiple different combinations of flavors, as well as a secret menu. (Sierra Rozen/Community Impact Newspaper)
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A second World Famous Daiquiris & Margaritas To Go opened in Webster in 2021. (Sierra Rozen/Community Impact Newspaper)
On a hot summer day in Clear Lake, visitors of World Famous Daiquiris & Margaritas To Go will find the business packed with people looking for frozen alcoholic beverages.

The store opened almost exactly three years ago in June 2019. Owner Matthew Jones said he had always wanted to open his own business but never felt like the timing was right. When he discovered the concept of daiquiri to-go stores, he knew he had found his opportunity.

“The next step is to find a place, and so I looked all over Houston. I didn’t at the time live in the area, but I had lived here three or four different times, so it was a very familiar area,” Jones said.

Last year in April, Jones also partnered with Miyosha and Jacie Weston to open a second location in the Webster area that features a drive-thru in an effort to attract more customers.

Jones said during the start of the pandemic, the business did not have to close as it is able to operate as an “on- and off-premise” business, meaning customers could still come in and buy drinks as long as they left as soon as they got their items.

According to Jones, this meant it stayed incredibly busy at a time when most restaurants had to shut down.

“It was good timing. I think we kept a lot of people sane during COVID,” Jones said.

The shop offers multiple flavors of daiquiris, including pina colada, strawberry, white Russian and bellini. Jones also comes up with different signature flavors—such as Kryptonite and Hypnotic—that are exclusive to the store.

Every month there is a different signature flavor; for the upcoming summer months, Jones plans on keeping the signature flavor as frozen lemonade.

Other offerings include margaritas, Long Island tea, hurricanes and jello shots, all made with a speciality liquor to comply with the beer and wine license the store has.

Jones is always looking for a potential third location, but for now, he said he is focused on the summer—his busy season.

“We’re trying to bring the world to our customers,” Jones said.
By Sierra Rozen

Metro Reporter, South Houston

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