When Bobby Joe “B.J.” Stampley was a high school drummer just starting his music career, he had no clue where life would take him.

Now, decades later, B.J. runs Maverick Remodeling & Construction, a Seabrook business that transforms homes from the inside out.

"I like turning ugly into beautiful," B.J. said.

In the 1970s, B.J. was a staff drummer for “Louisiana Hayride,” a country music radio and television show that was the career launching point for several performers, including Elvis Presley. B.J. comes from a family of musicians and wanted to pursue drumming.

“It’s what I wanted to do for a living, and I did,” he said.

In the 1980s, B.J. worked for a door builder, which is where he learned many of the skills he uses today. After only two years, he quit to become boat salesman in Houston, he said.

As a boat salesman, B.J. spent time buying old homes, fixing them up while living in them, and then selling him. It was around this time he met his wife, Kaysie Stampley, who was a real estate agent.

“She saw one of the houses that I remodeled, and she said, ‘You’re good. You need to do this for a living,’” B.J. said.

Kaysie remembers talking him into it.

“I said, ‘Why are you working for somebody else making them rich when you’re good at this?’” Kaysie said.

After marrying, B.J., with support from Kaysie, decided to pull the trigger on starting Maverick in 2006. He sold his motorcycle for $6,000 and used that money to buy tools and launch his business.

Kaysie is a degreed chef, which gives her an edge when designing kitchens, something Kaysie loves to do. Often, B.J. will take measurements in a home and send a rough sketch to Kaysie who uses a computer program to map out a visual redesign, the Stampleys said.

The two enjoy working and owning a business together.

“We have our moments, but it’s wonderful,” B.J. said. “She’s my partner in life, and she’s my partner in business. And like we both say, we don’t need no more partners.”

In addition to remodeling, Maverick also does remediation of damaged homes after disasters, buys and fixes up old homes before selling them and new construction. As a result, the Stampleys work 60 hours a week, B.J. said.

Despite the business’s success and growth from just four total employees to 14 to 28 today, the Stampleys have no plans to expand beyond the Clear Lake area, the place they love. There is too much work to be done locally to branch out farther, B.J. said.

“It’s a lot. You have to really want to do it,” he said. “We love it."