North Texas toll road prices to increase about a penny per mile starting July 1, NTTA says


Driving on North Texas toll roads will cost more starting July 1.

TollTag rates will increase about a penny more per mile, from an average of 18 cents per mile to about 19 cents per mile, according to the North Texas Tollway Authority, which manages area toll roads.

The price hike is part of NTTA’s toll rate schedule that rolls out increases every other year.

Regularly scheduled toll rate increases help NTTA pay its bills, including more than $9.25 billion in bonds issued to build area toll roads, according to a news release. The agency is also investing nearly $2 billion in capital projects, including adding lanes to the Dallas North Tollway, President George Bush Turnpike and the Sam Rayburn Tollway. The extra lanes are meant to relieve congestion and improve mobility in the region.

About 82% of toll road users have a TollTag, which offers discounted rates, according to NTTA. Those without TollTags, known as ZipCash customers, typically pay 50 percent higher toll rates, the agency stated.

“A TollTag saves money and is the most convenient way for drivers to travel toll roads throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas,” NTTA Chairman John Mahalik said in a news release.

NTTA crews will be changing toll road signs over the next several weeks to reflect the new rates, according to the release. Drivers should be on the lookout for crews at work.

The new rates take effect July 1 on the Dallas North Tollway, President George Bush Turnpike, Sam Rayburn Tollway, Addison Airport Toll Tunnel, Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge, Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, Chisholm Trail Parkway and 360 Tollway.

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  1. A 5% increase again!! Where does it end? They were supposed to be out of business once they received enough money for the original highway. They already made that and now they are milking us for more every year….. Maybe they shouldn’t have bought the 15 dump trucks that are rusting out at the eldorado exit! Just saying…….

  2. Is the only city Dallas and neighboring counties where there are no free roads.
    The same company from Spain that built the Toll roads wanted to do the same in Spain, people took to the streets to protest against the free movement of people that drive if they have to pay for this freedom, no tolls.
    We were supposed to have a temporary toll, people cant many times get a job because of the cost of tolls.
    Who is making money?

  3. The company in Spain originally won the bid for the SRT. But there was pressure in Austin to stop it so a foreign company wouldn’t have a 40-year contract on DFW roads. Eventually it went to the NTTA.

    Austin claims to have no money in the highway fund, but it turns out only about half the money collected from gas taxes goes to roads. The rest gets raided for other, non-transportation-related projects. If that money wasn’t stolen by our legislators, we wouldn’t need all these tollways.

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