Richardson Animal Shelter saw a nearly 10% increase in adoptions in August compared to the previous year.

This jump was in part due to the Clear the Shelter event, a weeklong adoption drive, said shelter manager Noura Jammal. At the end of the week, the shelter had only three available dogs and seven available cats remaining, leaving the shelter with a 94% adoption rate in August, she said.

This year’s event was different than prior years because potential adopters had to make appointments to see the animals, but this worked in the shelter’s favor, she said.

“The people that came in to look at the animals [were] not as rushed, so more people were able to pick out an animal that fit their household,” she said.

Higher adoption trends have been consistent since the coronavirus-related shutdowns began in March, Jammal said. Year-over-year rates have shown significant increases, with a 20% jump in June.

“I know a lot of [shelters] have seen a decrease in adoption, but we've seen a pretty good increase,” she said.

The shelter continues to be by-appointment only, Jammal said. She suggests checking the shelter's website to see which animals are available prior to making an appointment.

Fostering is also an option for those who do not want to adopt a pet but would still like to help, she added.

The shelter will assist residents who are struggling to care for their pet by providing food and other items, Jammal said.