The Richardson City Council presented 13 Community Revitalization Awards to members of the community during a special ceremony held at City Hall on Feb. 21.

Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker, who spent time on the judging committee while on City Council, said he appreciated the opportunity to recognize those in the community who make Richardson more attractive.

“At the heart of this [event] is an opportunity to just say, 'Thank you,'” Voelker said. “Thank you for investing in Richardson, whether it's a resident or commercial building. Thank you as a developer, as a contractor or as an architect for spending time in this city. We want you to think about Richardson as a place you want your clients to have a wonderful experience.”

The community revitalization award program was created by council in 1994 as a way to recognize owners and businesses who have enhanced the community by making significant exterior improvements to their property. These include residential renovations—both single-family homes and multifamily developments—as well as retail and commercial buildings, churches and schools.

“This council always sends a message to staff to work at the speed of business,” Voelker said. “[This] commitment is about thanking you for your vision as well as the blood and sweat that goes into making [this] happen.”

Any applicant was eligible to submit a location for recognition, which was decided by a five-member committee. This year’s recipients were judged by council members Jennifer Justice, Joe Corcoran, Bryan March and Ken Southard—all members of the city plan commission—as well as chamber of commerce member Beth Kolman.

Of the 13 recognized award winners, seven were residential and six were commercial properties. Residential awards included a rebuild of a Richland Park neighborhood home that was destroyed during the 2019 tornado as well as the transformation of a one-story ranch home into a two-story modern house in the Canyon Creek community.

Businesses receiving recognition include Campbell Creative Center, Centennial Falls LLC, Durkin Properties, Velvet Taco, Salad & Go, and TNT Dental.

Richardson locals can begin submitting nominations for next year’s CRA awards either via the city’s website or email at [email protected]. Nominations are open through Oct. 2.