New mural adorns facade of downtown Richardson business SmartLooks Window & Wall Decor


Passersby in downtown Richardson may notice a new mural has been added to SmartLooks Window & Wall Decor.

The artwork features two children on a swing hanging from a rose vine. The vine spans the width of the building’s south facade.

Rod W. Marsh painted the mural. For years, Marsh has helped others realize their vision by taking their ideas and turning them into artwork, according to his artist statement.

“Rod was awesome in putting into reality the overall concept for this mural design, which I sketched out very primitively on a sheet of paper,” SmartLooks co-owner Valerie Kernan said.

It’s Marsh’s hope that each piece he creates will provoke thought and mean something different to each viewer, according to his artist statement.

Kernan said she also plans to have the rest of the building repainted in anticipation of the downtown revitalization. The Main Street revitalization project seeks to improve the flow of traffic and beautify the downtown area by adding more open space and improving infrastructure.

“We have had really positive feedback [on the mural],” Kernan said. “[We] are so happy to begin the facelift of our beloved downtown Richardson.”

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  1. Thank you, Valerie and Rod. I live in Highland Terrace and noticed this the other day. Great to see the beginning of the revitalization of the area. And I’ll make it a point to stop by SmartLooks to thank you in person.

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