A $1 million project to bring additional lighting to Sutton Fields’ Bothwell Boulevard is underway in Celina.

The gist

Celina City Council members approved the $1.09 million lighting project for Bothwell Boulevard, a street located inside the Sutton Fields neighborhood, during a June 11 meeting.

The project cost includes a $99,496 contingency fee, according to meeting documents.

Construction will take 75 days and include installing light poles, luminaries, conduits and meters to illuminate Bothwell Boulevard, according to meeting documents. The existing streetlights do not provide enough visibility, Engineering Director Andy Glasgow said.

Diving deeper

The project had been tabled at two previous council meetings as city staff and the neighborhood’s developers discussed payment responsibility and funding sources.

Sutton Fields developers will now pay for 25% of the construction costs with the rest being paid for through bond funds, according to a meeting presentation.

Council member Wendie Wigginton said the developers’ contribution will save Celina’s taxpayers approximately a quarter-million dollars.