Take a look at two of Prosper's road improvement projects slated to finish in 2024.

First Street construction between Coit Road, Custer Road

As one of three projects currently addressing First Street, this project focuses on the stretch of First Street between Coit Road and Custer Road. Improvements will focus on constructing four lanes of concrete pavement, according to the town’s capital improvement projects dashboard.
  • Timeline: fall 2022-spring 2024
  • Cost: $27.26 million
  • Funding source: town of Prosper
Prosper Trail designated left-turn lanes

This project will add a left-turn lane for the eastbound and westbound sides of Prosper Trail at its intersection with Preston Road. Construction work will include pavement, grading, modifying existing traffic signals, striping, signage and more, according to the town’s CIP dashboard.
  • Timeline: spring 2024-summer 2024
  • Cost: $900,000
  • Funding source: town of Prosper