Cook Children’s Medical Center, located at 4100 W. University Drive in Prosper, launched a new testing and diagnosis service July 28 for children experiencing seizures. The continuous electroencephalogram monitoring test reads electrical activity in the brain and can be used to diagnose a seizure disorder, according to the hospital's website.

The hospital provides the service in partnership with Cook Children’s Neurosciences Team located in Fort Worth. Any patients experiencing potential seizures will be admitted into the Prosper medical center. An EEG technician will set up mobile monitoring equipment and attach electrodes to the patient’s scalp for monitoring, according to the website.

The test livestreams to clinicians in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth for observation. Monitoring typically takes at least 24 hours and requires an overnight stay.

Communication and collaboration protocols were established between the teams in Fort Worth and Prosper to coordinate care activities, share information and maintain operations.

Cook Children’s Medical Center in Prosper opened in January on a 23-acre campus. The hospital’s services include emergency care, laboratory services, primary care, a pediatric intensive care unit and more, according to its website. 945-204-4100.