Prosper residents can stay informed about reported crimes in town with a new Prosper Police Department tool.

The Prosper Community Crime Map was unveiled May 7 as a user-friendly platform with information on where, when and what crimes were recently reported, according to a news release.

“Public safety is essential to our community, and one of the components for a safe environment is public involvement,” Mayor David Bristol said in the release.

In a nutshell

The crime map displays basic location information and analytics, letting residents see trends of where crimes such as theft, assaults, burglaries, traffic incidents and drug apprehensions are taking place.

Its main objective is to keep crime activity transparent to enable residents to stay informed and proactive when it comes to their safety, according to the release.

"By providing access to timely and relevant crime data, we empower residents with the knowledge and awareness to help deter crime in Prosper," Police Chief Doug Kowalski said in the release.

Residents can click on the map icons to learn more information about the specific crime or leave an anonymous tip.

Something to note

Not all information about crimes in Prosper will be made public, according to the release. The crime map will not display:
  • Specific addresses
  • Names
  • Incidents involving juvenile victims
  • Sexual offenses
  • Domestic incidents
The map is updated every eight hours, according to the release. Incidents are uploaded after they are submitted and approved, which could take up to a week, according to the release.

“This map will provide vital information to our residents and fits with our plan of municipal excellence in all areas, and specifically in public safety,” Bristol said.

Going forward

Residents can access the map for themselves or sign up for automated email alerts when an update is added at