Financial advisor Cameron Reeves was the sole candidate to file for Prosper Town Council’s Place 6 seat after its current holder, council member Charles Cotten, did not seek reelection.

As he was running unopposed, Reeves did not appear on the ballot and was sworn in during a May 7 council meeting.

Reeves sat down with Community Impact for an interview about himself and his upcoming term. Some answers have been edited for style, length or clarity.

How long have you lived in Prosper?

I actually grew up in Prosper. I’ve been here for just over 40 years.

What about the town have you seen change over that time?

I’ve seen a whole lot change. My parents moved out here when I was 6 years old and the population was 600 people. Seeing the town go from gravel roads, to paved roads, to concreted roads, [from] fields ... to farmland to now neighborhoods ... I’ve now seen it go from farmlands to communities. I’ve gotten to see all the change, which has been pretty cool to see.

What made you run for council?

I served on [the] Parks and Recreation [Board] for ... about four years and then I’ve been serving on [the] Planning and Zoning [Commission] for the last year and a half. I just started thinking about it, and I really just wanted to give back to the town that has given so much to me and wanted to have an impact on Prosper, is really the main reason. Prosper has given so much to me and I just wanted to give back to Prosper and the residents that live here.

What lessons from the commissions and boards you have served on will you bring to council?

I’m really glad that I did serve on Parks and Recreation [Board] and Planning and Zoning [Commission] before running for town council because it’s given me a lot of back knowledge about the town itself. The Parks and Recreation [board is] really important because ... it helps with creating the small-town feel. It ... provides a lot of the community engagement as well with a lot of the town activities that we have—a lot of the kid’s activities but also with the adult’s activities. Planning and Zoning ... really has a lot of the day-to-day things that council deals with, with the zoning ordinances and when developers are coming to bring projects to the town. It really taught me a lot about what we do on council as well.

Is there anything you want to accomplish over your term?

Really, the main thing is continuing the vision that the current council has, which is ... continuing the rapid infrastructure. One of the main things for me is I want to continue helping with the town history and making sure that that is preserved as the town continues to grow. The historical society is something that is really important to me from that aspect, just being a long-time resident and knowing a lot of the history, that’s something that’s really important that I feel I can bring a lot of knowledge to the council as well.

What do you want the Prosper community to know about you?

I’m really looking forward to serving the town and serving the residents that live in Prosper. The fact that I’ve grown up here and ... being a Prosper [ISD] graduate back when Prosper was all ... K-12 under one roof, it was all out of the administration building. When I graduated, I had 42 in my graduating class. The school district was really small back then. The main thing I want is, I’ve got a servant’s heart, and I just want to serve the town to the best of my ability and do what’s right for our town. I’m here for the citizens and here to just continue on what the current council’s done. I’m excited to serve and excited to be a part of it.