Prosper Town Council members approved development plans for a two-story, mixed-use project during an April 16 meeting.

The project was ultimately approved 4-2 following a failed motion to deny. Council members Marcus Ray and Hodges voted against the project.

Some context

The development, located on approximately 0.3 acres at the Coleman Street and Sixth Street intersection, is a new concept for downtown Prosper—a shared, two-story building with multifamily units positioned above office and retail space.

Council member tabled discussions when the project was first presented during a March 26 meeting to allow for further discussion.

Since then, the project’s applicant has addressed many of the original concerns from town staff and council, such as parking and retail use, council member Amy Bartley said.

“The applicant has done due diligence to address all our concerns,” council member Chris Kern said.

According to meeting documents, the second floor will house four multifamily units and allocate 20 parking spaces:
  • Eight parking spaces for the building’s residents in closed garages
  • 12 parking spaces for the first floor’s office and retail uses
According to meeting documents, beauty shops and salons were removed from the permitted uses, and storage will not be allowed in the multifamily residents’ garages to ensure the nonresidential parking will not be taken.

What they’re saying

Council member Jeff Hodges said even with the applicant’s updated storage rules, he still has concern.

“I see myself, in years to come, saying, ‘Why did I approve that?’” he said.

“I want to make sure what we put in there 50 years from now would stand the test of time,” Ray said.

“It doesn’t look like something you would find in Prosper,” Hodges said.

Mayor David Bristol said he understood Ray and Hodges’ hesitation with the project.

“I hear the struggle,” he said. “I also feel the struggle may be because we are changing as we continue to grow the downtown area. That’s the struggle that will be inherent in our future.”