A small portion of First Street will be known by two new names going forward.

Prosper Town Council members unanimously approved renaming a north-south segment of First Street as Wildcat Way and its east-west segment as Wear Cemetery Lane during a March 26 meeting.

The breakdown

The name Wildcat Way was picked to connect with the nearby Walnut Grove High School’s side street of the same name, Engineering Services Director Hulon Webb said.

Wear Cemetery Lane was picked because of the cemetery with the same name on that road, and it was one of the names proposed by the only resident whose address will change with the new name, Webb said.

Renaming the street segments will keep things simple as construction on First Street continues, according to meeting documents.

Going forward

Town staff will order and install new street name blades, which is expected to cost $5,000-$10,000 dollars covered in the First Street construction budget, according to meeting documents.

Any other property owners affected by the road name change will be notified to submit for reimbursement of advertising, licensing and signage expenses. Emergency services will reflect the street name change within their databases once signage has been replaced.