Prosper Town Council members chose to indefinitely table a vote to amend the town’s multifamily standards ordinance during a Jan. 9 meeting.

Discussions regarding the amendments had been tabled at council’s Nov. 14 and Dec. 12 meetings.

“I believe I got some feedback from different council members that they may want some more time to actually look at the consequences and the unintended consequences of adopting this,” Mayor David Bristol said at the Nov. 14 meeting.

There was no public discussion at the Dec. 12 or Jan. 9 meetings.

Some context

The 12 originally proposed amendments would have meant various new guidelines for future multifamily projects, including:
  • Requiring that a multifamily development can only be approved within a planned development
  • Establishing a minimum density of 40 units per acre
  • Removing setbacks and lot area requirements, as these can be determined on a case-by-case basis within the planned development standards
  • Increasing the maximum height allowance from three stories and 50 feet to eight stories and 110 feet
  • Removing multifamily design and development standards as these criteria will be addressed in planned development standards
The amendments were intended to modify the regulations and standards for multifamily development projects to align with the town’s comprehensive plans’ guiding principle to maintain the community’s small-town feel, according to a statement included in the meeting documents.

If approved, zoning for future multifamily projects would also have been limited to areas already designated in the town’s comprehensive plan. This includes:
  • High-density residential
  • Dallas North Tollway District
  • Town Center District
  • Old Town District
What happens next?

Council could choose to bring the amendments back for discussion at a later date.

As of Jan. 12, there are no plans to add it to a future agenda, Communications Director Todd Rice said in an email.