Prosper Town Council members are expected to amend multiple town ordinances during their Jan. 9 meeting.

On the agenda

One ordinance council members are slated to revoke is the town’s curfew for minors.

Under the ordinance, minors could not remain in a public place during the hours of:
  • 11 p.m.-6 a.m. on Sunday-Thursday nights
  • 12:01-6 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday
The curfew only applied to residents under the age of 17, according to agenda documents.

The 88th Texas Legislature signed off on House Bill 1819 in June, prohibiting cities and towns from enforcing any form of juvenile curfew.

Since the new law took effect Sept. 1, several Texas cities have stopped enforcing their own juvenile curfews.

What else?

An item up for public discussion is the town’s multifamily standards, according to agenda documents.

There are 12 proposed amendments, including:
  • Requiring that a multifamily development can only be approved within a planned development
  • Establishing a minimum density of 40 units per acre
  • Removing setbacks and lot area requirements, as these can be determined on a case-by-case basis within the planned development standards
  • Increasing the maximum height allowance from three stories and 50 feet to eight stories and 110 feet
  • Removing multifamily design and development standards as these criteria will be addressed in planned development standards
​​The amendments were first presented at a Nov. 14 council meeting, but a vote was postponed to allow for further discussion. The item was also tabled at the following council meeting Dec. 12.

Also of note

Another item on the council's agenda is to update some town firearms ordinances to align with state law.

The 87th Texas Legislature’s House Bill 1927 took effect Sept. 1, 2021. Among other new rulings, the law prevents the prohibition of firearm carrying for reasons unrelated to restrictions due to criminal offenses, according to agenda documents.

One of Prosper’s now-outdated ordinances prohibit carrying firearms in parks, according to agenda documents. The other prohibits any non-peace-officer from carrying a firearm in a building where municipal court is held.

If council members approve the changes, the updated town ordinances will:
  • Allow carrying a firearm in a park but prohibit discharging one
  • Allow the carrying of handguns in town of Prosper buildings except in council meetings and the offices of the municipal court
The carrying or discharge of fireworks, air guns, bows and arrows, slingshots or devices which launch an object that could lead to a fire hazard or danger to the public will remain prohibited in Prosper parks.

Stay tuned

A livestream of council meetings can be found here.