Local business Swirls Bakery has rebranded and will open as The Wick in early 2024.

The Wick is slated to open by March 2024 in a new downtown Celina space, owner Kim Wickliffe said. Opening a restaurant was always the plan for Swirls Bakery, but outgrowing the previously-planned space pushed things ahead, Wickliffe said.

“We started to outgrow the business before we ever got open, so we decided that we would go with our original two-step plan ... and go to opening the restaurant right at the beginning along with the bakery at the same time,” Wickliffe said.

One feature of the combined restaurant and bakery will be all-day brunch on weekends, which will feature many of their baked goods, Wickliffe said.

The Wick will also serve lunch meals, shareable plates and have a happy hour with craft cocktails, she said.