There is no such thing as a green thumb, Famous in Oregon owners Erika and Tanner Mitchell said. They said gardening is a hobby for everyone.

The store, located in downtown Prosper, sells plants, planters and gardening supplies, but it started out of the couple’s home.

The backstory

Tanner Mitchell started gardening in 2017, Erika Mitchell said, adding that he couldn’t believe there are so many differing opinions on how to care for them.

“He started bringing in different plants and started posting what he learned about them on social media,” Erika Mitchell said. “And people were there for it.”

Tanner Mitchell said his posts began to gain a small following, and, as a result, the couple began selling plants at local farmers markets.

The couple would host Facebook Live sales and then ship out the plants to buyers. The company continued to grow, and in March 2020, they opened the Famous in Oregon storefront.

What’s in a name?

Tanner Mitchell is from a small town in Oregon, which is known for its plants and trees, he said.

“When I moved from Oregon to Texas and I’d tell people I’m from Oregon, they would always talk about the trees and the greenery and ferns, and how everything grows so well because of the soil,” Tanner Mitchell said. “I didn’t know Oregon was famous for plants. I had no idea.”

Plants are the state's No. 1 export, he said.

What's special about it?

Most plant shops either ship plants or have a local store, but Famous in Oregon does both, Tanner Mitchell said.

“The biggest thing that we are known for is education,” he said. “We have a customer group on Facebook, ... and we help them troubleshoot the plants that they get from us.”

The couple said they still get updates on plants they sold years ago, adding that it's cool to see everyone’s “plant progress.”

Additionally, Tanner Mitchell said many plant shop owners know the business well but don’t actually know how to take care of the plants they are selling.

“We are experts,” Erika Mitchell said. “We know exactly how dry every single plant in this building has to be before it's watered. We know what kind of soil it needs. We know what kind of light it needs. All of the major things, ... that is why people shop here.”