Prosper has seen several corporate grocery stores announce new locations coming to the area.

This includes the October opening of Target as well as the announcement of H-E-B and Costco coming to Prosper. With these new major grocers coming to the area, officials look to how these businesses will increase revenue that will go to the town. A Costco is also slated to open on Preston Road in Celina later this year, according to signage at the construction site.

“The increase will allow council to dedicate additional funds to community and public services, infrastructure projects, maintenance, and staff,” said Mary Ann Moon, Prosper Economic Development Corporation executive director, in an email.

The breakdown

Construction will start in March for Costco, which is expected to be completed later this year, according to a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation document. Ground has not yet been broken for H-E-B, but it is expected to open in 2025.

With proper planning and adherence to development standards, additional tax collection will ensure proper growth. Moon said the town looks to sustainable growth that reflects the vision of Prosper.

“We must stay ahead of the increasing need for services, safety and maintaining a business-friendly environment,” she said. “Our region is experiencing exponential growth.”

The background

The EDC looks beyond big businesses in the downtown development along with growth at The Gates of Prosper, Moon said.

“The Gates of Prosper has added several amenities—La Madeleine, Rally House, Fish City Grill, a bank is under construction—and there are plans for an expansion of dining and entertainment options west of Target,” she said.

Looking ahead

The EDC continues to work with other companies, but more information can’t be shared at this time, Moon said.