After owning a business with her husband for several years, a former teacher returned to the classroom, opening The Tutoring Center in Prosper.

Owner Yvette Maldonado began her teaching career in 1992 but left after five years to help her husband open a restaurant. She returned to education when she opened The Tutoring Center in March 2021.

“I’ve been a small business owner for the last 25 years,” Maldonado said. “After his run ... I decided to do what is my calling.”

The backstory

Maldonado said she and her husband, who were living in Las Vegas at the time but originally from Corpus Christi, decided to open The Tutoring Center in Prosper because two of her four daughters live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“We wanted to be closer to them,” Maldonado said. “The location was carefully picked by myself after scouring the map.”

Maldonado said she liked the town's name and felt that the move would be a new beginning. After looking into the demographics and anticipated growth in Prosper, she decided the move was right for her and her family.

What parents should know

The Tutoring Center offers reading, writing and math services for kindergarteners to high school seniors, what Maldonado called “the three basics.” In addition, the center will also collaborate with teachers in Prosper ISD when a student’s parent gives her permission to do so.

“I feel that we’re rallying around the student,” Maldonado said. “The parents, the teachers and ourselves at the center. We’re really trying to help that student to close any deficits or gaps and get them on track.”

Students are tutored in a 2:1 ratio, Maldonado said, which allows for individualized instruction that is interactive and engaging.

Quote of note

“I see this as a service and as a resource for parents who are seeking help for their children,” Maldonado said. “My goal is to ensure that I support both the children and the parents.”